A Floor.

Layout design application Quark Xpress, as well as Illustrator and other programs has a function entitled ‘Group’. Once you apply ‘Group’ to any selected item, it binds the designated selection together as one. The document then becomes two layers: the layer of the empty page and the layer of the ‘Group’.

Similarly, in my painting “Floor with Cigarettes and Bottle of Water” made in 1999, there is the layer of the floor and the assortment of associated objects. The pink floor behaves like a QuarkXpress or Illustrator page.

What is a floor? Why not consider it simply as part of the ‘Group’? Without a floor the Net of objects would float still together or it will be dispersed?

The Floor’s Color

Consider an empty computer screen. Look intensively into the screen for some time. Then close your eyes and experience the flash of light before your retina. The color field you have just experienced is a floor and it divides your familiar 3-D space from it’s absence. Even if the quality of color that is experienced in the field is closer to a black-ish green, I prefer to think of it as an iridescent pink; a color with metaphorical power.

The Net of Objects (2 cigarettes, a bottle of water and some other stuff including some video-game controllers)

A unique cigarette-unlighted- can be used to represent Past. (The mere existence of an unlighted cigarette suggests its other two possible states: the small fire with a finite duration and the wafting smoke).

Multiple cigarettes on the other hand, could represent infinity.
Yet two cigarettes, side by side are deeply disturbing because they question the singularity of any given moment.

Something similar happens with the cubicle containers of water. There are many kinds of ‘vertical’ bottles of water-such as Evian and somehow we trust them all. A vertical concentration of water seems natural and correct. Perhaps we reflexively dismiss the shape as natural because of the cubical structure of our stomach linked with the linear esophagus passage which reinforces the preconception. But when water is packaged in alternative rounded cubicles it looks offensive. It’s as if someone cracked a bad joke against our perception of reality.
Stuff such as Adidas shoes, cables and video-game controllers are inclusive only as a reference to Hermes, the God of Pop.


Hermes Is Nailed To The Floor; But What Is A Floor If Not A Compromise For Keeping Us Rational?


Our Enemy Is Dead.
Good Fortune. Success.

* “The Fabric of Reality” by David Deutsch, 1998.

Miltos Manetas, 1999