• Winter 2020
  • From Manetas to Metamanetas
  • Issue 01

How I became Metamanetas

Futura Passata by Alfatype
Outside of the internet with Yanis Varoufakis
"Marx&Marinetti&Miltos&Manetas". This was the title the Dutch designers Experimental Jetset proposed for a monograph of mine in 2005. Back then I was the least involved with politics and "social struggle" person that you can imagine. But I was living in London's High Gate, close to Karl Marx's grave and maybe I was visited by his ghost: something in me start changing.. Something was already breaking everywhere around me, as I realized a few years later, the glitter-finish on our society's "Desktop Pattern" had just start falling apart. In 2009, there was another sign for me..My friend and Master Malcolm McLaren was diagnosed with incurable cancer. We used to go and hang out at Marx's grave and talk gossip and art stuff and now Malc had end up there, in a grave that he had purchased in the Seventies to host the body of Sid Vicious. With Malcolm, the first part of my life was also gone.. I dropped everything and went for a trip to the Amazon Forest. I had an experience there that put the final dot on my state of mind. I broke into two parts. The conformist egocentric artist is still there, the "public icon", his achievements hosted at manetas.com. But nine years ago, on the top of tree in the Amazon forest another person of me came finally of age. Metamanetas.
— Miltos Manetas, Bogota 2019
Marx & Marinetti & Miltos & Manetas

Marx & Marinetti & Miltos & Manetas

Designers design my future

Dec 2005

Towards the end of 2005, the artist Miltos Manetas approached us to design a monograph about his work. We came up with a pretty basic lay-out, a grid that could accommodate all his material: paintings, videos, manifestos, essays, etc. As a title, we thought up 'Marx & Marinetti & Miltos & Manetas'. We know Miltos as a real agitator, always writing manifestos and starting movements (Neen, Telic, 444, etc.). Miltos perfectly fits the image of the classic Futurist: European, radical, militant. So we thought it made sense to place him in the company of two other arch-modernists: Karl Marx, and F.T. Marinetti. The cover is a time-line: from Marx to Manetas, via Marinetti.

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is dead

Malcolm McLaren, the former manager of The Sex Pistols and the man who claimed to have invented punk, has died aged 64.

The Guardian, Thu 8 Apr 2010

MILTOS MANETAS in front of KARL MARX’S grave at Highgate Cemetery, London.

Photo Olivier Zahm

Internet from the top of a tree

Internet from the top of a tree

In the Colombian Amazon

Nov 2009

I am Online! Up on a tree, 36 meters high, in the heart of the Amazon jungle. We climbed up to the tree with ropes-myself and a French couple, assisted by two very young Colombians who work as guides when they are on vacation from their regular job which is.. killing people. They work as Paramilitares!

in Colombia


Don’t ask me for formulas to open worlds for you

all I have are gnarled syllables, branch-dry. All I can tell you now is this: what we are not, what we do not want.

"Don’t Ask Me for Words", Eugenio Montale, 1925

in Rome

Middle South

MedioSud is born

MedioSud is born

on a day without God

The Perfect day

On Feb 28, 2013 Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger alias Pope Benedict XVI officially resigned.

We picked that perfect day to start MedioSud.

According to the Catholic religion, Pope represents God on Earth. A World without Pope is an unruled Earth, a World free from God's authority.

Uneven & Combined

Solving Poverty Is Simple

Matt Bruenig

Corporations are making record profits. That’s money we could use to lift millions out of misery.

My Family in MedioSud


My Family in MedioSud

South As a State of Mind

A magazine that has been eaten by the North

Miltos Manetas


Marina Fokidis

On Her Own Words

Miltos Manetas

Here's Marina Fokidis in her own words —(soon)


Mediosud logo Angelo Plessas

Like a patient parent, the Eurogroup tries to "help" Greece, give to Greece an opportunity to become Full Europe, Full North. But Greece is ruining those efforts...

by Miltos Manetas

Outside of the internet

there is

no glory

Illustration by Miltos Manetas

Pirates of the Internet Unite!

by Miltos Manetas

When it comes to content, we can give everything to everyone at once.

PiracyManifesto read here
Cultural Front

Condizione Assange

an exhibition that will remain closed to the public

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Rome, 2020

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 ▄▄▄       ██████  ██████ ▄▄▄      ███▄    █  ▄████▓█████ 
▒████▄   ▒██    ▒▒██    ▒▒████▄    ██ ▀█   █ ██▒ ▀█▓█   ▀ 
▒██  ▀█▄ ░ ▓██▄  ░ ▓██▄  ▒██  ▀█▄ ▓██  ▀█ ██▒██░▄▄▄▒███   
░██▄▄▄▄██  ▒   ██▒ ▒   ██░██▄▄▄▄██▓██▒  ▐▌██░▓█  ██▒▓█  ▄ 
 ▓█   ▓██▒██████▒▒██████▒▒▓█   ▓██▒██░   ▓██░▒▓███▀░▒████▒
 ▒▒   ▓▒█▒ ▒▓▒ ▒ ▒ ▒▓▒ ▒ ░▒▒   ▓▒█░ ▒░   ▒ ▒ ░▒   ▒░░ ▒░ ░
  ▒   ▒▒ ░ ░▒  ░ ░ ░▒  ░ ░ ▒   ▒▒ ░ ░░   ░ ▒░ ░   ░ ░ ░  ░
  ░   ▒  ░  ░  ░ ░  ░  ░   ░   ▒     ░   ░ ░░ ░   ░   ░   
      ░  ░     ░       ░       ░  ░        ░      ░   ░  ░


# Assange Power


Time Assange

Una riflessione in tempo di crisi, in un tempo nel quale la maggior parte della popolazione mondiale è reclusa in casa, nel quale il capitalismo mondiale si è fermato, bloccato, stoppato.

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Riposizionamento dell’arte al tempo del coronavirus

Valentino Catricalà

Manetas conosce bene il potere della tecnologia, è stato uno dei primi a capirne la forza propulsiva per il mondo dell’arte e, allo stesso tempo, l’importanza dell’arte come potenza di indagine di una realtà sempre più tecnologica.